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There have been a lot of changes that have occurred with the FAU team and my personal life.

It’s always an exciting time of the year at the beginning of November. All the coaches are in pretty good moods and looking forward to the journey this season. We are optimistic and excited to see if all of our recruiting efforts will pay off this year. We signed five great young men to NLI’s during the spring signing period.  With a total of seven new players added to the roster, we have overhauled half of our roster.  Although we are a young team this year, we are hoping that this will be the first year Florida Atlantic University makes it to the NCAA tournament.  We have added the most size, athleticism and depth that we have ever had here at FAU; which we believe will translate into a program that competes for Championships for years to come.

While the team is going through transformation, so is my personal life.I married my best friend in May, and I would like to thank my wife for a great wedding and honeymoon.  She is an amazing woman who planned not only the wedding but the honeymoon.

I know that is the groom’s job, but we had to sign five players this past spring.  How can you expect me to cake taste and pick out centerpieces when I am on the road recruiting?

We had dated for 6 years, so she is well accustomed to the coach’s wife lifestyle.  We had an amazing wedding in Kiawah Island, SC surrounded by our family and closest friends.  The honeymoon she planned was a great trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

At first I was apprehensive of visiting Asia and not having my phone to contact prospects, but thanks to Wi-Fi and Facebook it was no problem.  It was a trip of a lifetime.

As many coaches know, we do not get many occasions to truly get away from the day to day work.  We squeezed in a lot of adventure into a short amount of time. We took a flight from Fort Lauderdale connecting through Newark and Hong Kong then off to Singapore.

Side note: we got a commitment right before we took off.

It was an extremely long flight but well worth it. Singapore was a beautiful city and very clean and little to no crime. My wife enjoyed the shopping, casino, and we even tried the BBQ Stingray. After Singapore we went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and visited many sites and the famous Petronas Towers which if you have ever seen the movie Entrapment then you know how impressive they are.

Our next stop was to Langkawi, Malaysia a beautiful island near Thailand.  The hotel was situated next to a rain forest where we could enjoy our drinks from the pool while we watched wild monkeys roam around the resort. It was an amazing and exotic island that is a large tourist destination for Australian and Middle Easterners. We met some great people along our trip.  One of the best parts of visiting Malaysia was the exchange rate for the USD.  We had an amazing 5 course seafood feast in downtown Langkawi for $25 for both of us.

The last and final stop on our journey was Bali, Indonesia.  It was by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life. Bali was surrounded by beautiful ocean water, mountains, and many shrines on the island.  We had the chance to bike around the island, enjoy couples massages on the beach, and snorkel over a reef. The greatest gift that we received while on this amazing trip was finding out a few months later that my wife and I would be expecting our first child in February. I’m sure we are about to give new meaning to March Madness.

We are looking forward to beginning our journey on November 11 vs. UNC on ESPNU at 2:30pm. I would personally like to wish all the coaches and players all over the country good luck and great health.

 -Tim Kaine

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